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My Dog Is My Child

I read an article a few days ago saying that women who think of their pets as their child should be classified as having a psychiatric disorder. HAHAHAH I’m sorry what? I have so many issues with this. If anyone hasn’t seen that article floating around yet, give it a google.

First of all, I feed my dog, I take care of him, I give him a bath, he cuddles with me, and we spend a lot of time together. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying that it is as hard as being a parent to a child, I’m not saying it is the same thing. They are very different things. But at this stage in my life, it is okay for my dog to be my child.

It is not my job to become a parent, it is a choice. A choice that right now involves a Jack Russell Terrier. I am not married, I am very young, I do not have a full time job, and I am in college. It’s really perfectly fine that I do not plan on having a child in the next two years. Loving my dog as much as I do does not make me a lesser person than women who have children. It doesn’t mean I’m not doing my part in the world.

I have friends who do not want to have kids, I have friends who have tried to have kids and couldn’t, I have friends who want kids down the line but not right now, and I have friends who have kids already.  None of them judge me for having a dog and not a child.

Neither do my parents, both of them will tell me “say hi to Walter” or “Give Walter a belly rub for me”. They are not embarrassed that I love my dog. They also love him, and are very thankful I found a dog like him when I needed it. They are not sad that I don’t have a kid (pretty sure they are happy about that fact). They are nothing but loving and supportive about my dog, and how much he is part of the family.

My dog is also not the reason I’m not married, or dating, and if you think that is a part of why this generation is not getting married as quickly, as young, or as often as our parents then you really need to do some research.

By the way, I did adopt my dog. I did rescue him from a shelter, and I will use the word rescue. He had been abandoned, and had no one to love him. I did not pick the cutest fluff ball, I picked the dog that had the personality I was looking for.

This does not mean that we think children are not important. I know just how important they are, I have been in children’s theater programs where we get to help the kids grow. We know children are our future. That does not mean that we have to have one to be doing our jobs. We have lots of other things we are doing to make this world a better place. Yes, eventually I do want kids, but even if I didn’t, the world has no right to judge me for it.

It is my choice, not yours. I’m not crazy because I love my dog. It is not a disorder. This dog is one of the reasons I’m alive today. I’m not exaggerating that. I was raised with dogs, they were amazing with me when I was a toddler, and all through growing up. They are a very important part of families. Maybe instead of worrying about how much I love my dog, or how important he is to me, you should be worrying about something else. My dog has nothing to do with if I have children or not. So don’t blame him.

Maybe the world should learn to love and support each other, that way the children that are in the world are not raised around hate and judgement.


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